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Worried about the economy? Don’t be! Become part of the renewable energy industry. Just look at the national headlines to see what’s in store for us – renewable energy mandates, loans, tax credits and tax incentives. Renewable energies nurture our planet, save consumers money, create jobs and ensure our national security. Be on the cutting-edge of the green economy and you’ll reap major financial rewards from this growing sector. Everyone agrees—green is not only good, it may be the key to reviving our economy.

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FuelPod2 and FuelPod3FuelPod2 & FuelPod3 - The most user-friendly and reliable home biodiesel processing system in the World!

The FuelPod2 makes 14 gallons of biodiesel fuel per day while the FuelPod3 makes 26 gallons. These personal, automated fuel production systems are great for making fuel for cars, trucks, generators, tractors and furnaces.

FuelMeister II and FuelMeister II DualFuelMeister II - Getting You Ready to Make Biodiesel

With a FuelMeister II you don't have to be a plumber or mechanic to make your own biodiesel. This is not a hobby kit but a complete system engineered with quality materials. You get all the specialized equipment and supplies you need to start making biodiesel that same day. Some assembly is required. All you need to add is vegetable oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water.

FuelMeister 400FuelMeister 400 - Make 400 Gallons in 8 Hours for Less Than $1 a Gallon

This complete turnkey system produces 400 gallons in an 8 hour period (made in two 200 gallon batches) and includes: oil titration kit, scales, 4 oil barrel heaters, easy prime oil draw tube, hoses, safety kit, barrel pump, and processor. The FuelMeister 400 also allows for a flexible configuration.

FuelMaticFuelMatic - Large Scale Biodiesel Processing

FuelMatic biodiesel processors will handle new and processed used vegetable oils direct from the press or storage tank. FuelMatic processors can be supplied as complete systems or as components to upgrade existing systems. Built to your specific needs and budget, the FuelMatic range provides the most efficient route into commercial biodiesel production available today.

Multi-Million Biodiesel ProcessorMulti-Million Biodiesel Processor

The Multi-Million Fuel Processing system has been designed to take up a minimum of floor space while producing 1-10 million gallons of biodiesel fuel per year. Systems are custom designed to fit your needs and budgets.  Call today for more information.

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